Electric Tube Bending – Elect 63


Simple, precise, efficient.
Fast Production Changes
Quickly execute production changes thanks to automatic setup and the absence of manual adjustments.

Reliability and Quality
Maintain consistent precision and quality over time. With All-electric technology, you benefit from reduced maintenance, maximum reliability, and a clean, quiet system.

Minimal Energy Consumption
Ensure consistently improved performance with energy savings up to 70% compared to traditional technologies.

The Elect 63 machine operates with multi-radius, featuring both fixed and variable radius capabilities. The machine offers the possibility of mounting up to 8 tools simultaneously.

It can be configured with different thrust forces (Boosters) ranging from 20,000N to 60,000N, modulating them throughout the entire bending process while continuously monitoring the material reaction and tube springback. This ensures constant support for the tube, right up to the last bend.


The benefits are numerous and significant:

Containment of the section even on tight radii.
Guarantee of aesthetic quality.
No material waste.