The Company

Baldoni S.r.l. is a young company established in February 2006, and to date, it is capable of managing turnkey finished products, as well as supplying tubular frames and welded sheets, both manually and with robots. Over the years, it has invested to ensure efficiency and quality in the products provided, reducing transportation costs to zero by handling everything internally.
Covering 10,000 square meters indoors and 2,000 square meters outdoors, divided into two adjacent locations.
The company has invested in the technical office staff, now boasting a team of 7 drawing operators, and has strengthened the operational workforce with highly specialized and qualified personnel.


Since May 15, 2007, our company has experienced a constant increase in production activities, leading to the integration of our machine park with a second, third, and fourth tube laser, responding to the numerous requests from our customers.
Following this significant growth, the machine park will be once again updated with the introduction of a 3D tube laser. This will enable us to further meet the demands of current clients and increase production capacity.

The new LT8, equipped with a tilting cutting head, enables 3D processing on both open profiles and special sections (including concave ones). With our 2 laser systems, LT8 – LT712, we can meet any request, covering a range of tubes from 10 to 220 mm in diameter and a bar weight that can reach 37 kg/m.

The high quality of production is complemented by additional devices that allow us to manage the correct positioning of welding and self-correct any geometric imperfections in the profile.

All machines are equipped with a beam loading system ranging from a minimum of 3200 mm to a maximum of 8500 mm in a fully automatic cycle. The 8500 mm beam loading is designed for better bar nesting and to minimize the loading times of the next bar.

The tube laser, with its multiple applications, provides significant advantages to our customers. One of these is material and processing savings in the assembly of components, creating joints and references to reduce welding centimeters and lower assembly equipment costs.

We can also offer a service called “clean tube,” allowing us to provide customers with profiles without residues from laser cutting, ideal for the food sector, pneumatic transport, automotive, etc.


During each phase, the piece is graphically displayed in a realistic manner to provide an immediate perception of the final result. Programming is carried out by our technicians through an integrated CAD/CAM system designed for laser cutting processes, including complex ones, on both tubes and open profiles of any geometry (including concave shapes). This system allows us to minimize bar waste and save cutting perimeters by exploiting common cutting between various pieces to be obtained. If the customer is able to provide us with three-dimensional drawings, we can import 3D models (IGES, STEP, XT) and proceed directly to the creation of machine programs.

Our company is equipped with a production management system that enables product traceability through a computerized system. For every single laser-cut component, a report is generated, allowing us to know all cutting data at any given time. From the supplier of the bar to the date, time of cutting, to the operator who performed the cutting at the machine. Each individual package is then equipped with a barcode that instantly allows retrieval of all data related to the material production. This document remains attached to the material and is delivered to the customer. This way, we can provide our customers with all the data regarding the production of the delivered material. Upon explicit request on the purchase order, we can also provide certificates related to the drawing of the bars used.